How we work

Our production cycle

Choice of raw materials

Selection of suppliers and raw materials based on a meticulous knowledge of the materials, elastomers in particular.

Design and manufacturing of moulds

Execution of the moulds using the best technological equipment in order to foresee, carry out and test solutions that will meet the client’s expectations.

Moulding of product

The product is made by means of IM (Injection Moulding) technologies and compression.

Additional processing

Completion of the production cycle through processes of deflashing, grinding, post-vulcanisation and surface finishing with nano technologies.

Inspection / selection and testing

Accurate selection of parts carried out with automatic-control machinery, with final testing by our internal laboratory.

Packaging and shipping

The final phase of the production cycle, during which the product is wrapped, packaged, labelled and shipped with all due care and attention.

Why choose World Gasket Ellegi?

These are our company’s distinctive values.

We will be much more than simple suppliers, we will be partners in your achieving of Excellence. How? In unique fashion, thanks to all our strong points.

Our strong points

  • Our range of products: wide and constantly being updated;
  • A large warehouse: strategic for prompt supply;
  • Packaging: smart and customizable packaging of kits and gaskets;
  • Raw materials: selected and tested to guarantee reliability and quality.

Beyond the concept of Quality

An integrated know-how to achieve Excellence

Two Business Units

OEM and Aftermarket: two links in the same chain

World Gasket Ellegi’s two Business Units develop an integrated approach to constantly grow our pool of corporate competencies, integrating knowledge of specific markets in order to increase the value we offer to our clients.