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Much more than a new logo: the next chapter of our Story

May 17, 2021 | Communications

We believe that in historical phases of profound transformation,the opportunity to evolve must be seized and we at World Gasket Ellegi have chosen to capitalise on these months with a series of actions to express our brand and values in an increasingly effective manner.

We have been on the market for over forty years; some of you have been by our side since the beginning, others have joined our path over time.
You saw us come into being as Ellegi and then launch the brand World Gasket, but we have just one identity and from now on it will be represented consistently by a single great brand.

The brand is our company’s calling card, theunmistakable signature of World Gasket Ellegi in the world, and we have decided to make it stronger than ever, so as to represent the solidity we have achieved.

We are presenting it to you without any flourishes because we believe that it perfectly conveys the sense of balance and harmony that represents us, in addition to our circular entrepreneurial outlook.

Values that direct our actions and are the core out of which the relations we develop are born: now they are also represented in our visual identity.

We are certain that this new element will further strengthen our relations and that we will continue to advance together to new and evermore interesting business horizons.