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World Gasket Ellegi adopts peek

May 16, 2021 | New product

PEEK: the new material from our range of transmission seals that will elevate your working standard!

PEEK is the thermoplastic polymerthat we are adopting for the production of our range of seals for transmission and represents an important upgradecompared to the already excellent raw materials we have always used.

Being the number one reference in the sector of industrial gaskets to us means a constant evolution in order to always offer you the top of the range even in relation to the raw material with which the product is created.

It is the best performing material available on the market and we offer it to allow you to take advantage of all its best features.

One single material, three great benefits

  • Enhanced thermoplastic performance
  • Resistance to temperatures up to 260 ° C
  • Increased long-lasting chemical resistance

The product codes remains the same, but they will be made using PEEK at the new price list.

If, on the other hand, you wish to order the old products made with the material used up to now at the usual price, contact your sales representative.