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We are Italian Capital of Culture 2023

Feb 2, 2023 | Communications

Our beloved Bergamo is the Italian Capital of Culture 2023!

Together with neighbouring Brescia, we will finally have the chance to show the whole world that we are much more than just an industrial city. We are culture, art and beauty. We are culture, art and beauty. We are open-minded, visionary, ambitious, and we feel a deep connection with the territory where we grew up and with the values that have always accompanied us.

At WG Ellegi we believe that this event represents a unique opportunity for our city to share the history of Bergamo and show ourselves for what we really are!

For the duration of 2023, we will host theatre performances, music festivals, exhibitions, educational interventions in the field of sports, initiatives to expand urban green spaces, and much more. We hope that all this will bring a breath of change and positive energy.

We will keep an eye on the programme and will be the first to inform you of all the events not to be missed!